Saturday, December 31, 2016

Basic Writes: The River's Embrace - an erotic romance with shade...

Basic Writes: The River's Embrace - an erotic romance with shade...:   With her blond tresses and blue eyes, London fabric retailer Margery “Margie” Tull is used to being admired. When she’s hired to de...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The River's Embrace - an erotic romance with shades of the paranormal


With her blond tresses and blue eyes, London fabric retailer Margery “Margie” Tull is used to being admired. When she’s hired to decorate a riverside manor house though, she suspects ulterior motives.
Lord of the manor Percival Winstanley reveals a long ago love triangle leading to the death of his brother and the bewitching, from beyond the grave, of his son and heir Stephen.
Margie’s cousin Shyan is supposed to protect her. But he’s lured away by Winstanley’s cougarish housekeeper, Mrs. DePlessey, leaving Margie in the dubious care of servant Kern.
Unsure whom to trust, Margie turns first to artist Raphael Watts, also working at the house on a secretive annual pageant that seems to be key to her job prospects.
Meanwhile Stephen hovers in the background trying to draw her attention to a cottage across the river. Somehow the women who live there are a portent of Margie’s fate. If only Stephen can convince her of what lies in store, Margie can bring new hope to the manor and a life-changing love to its heir.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fiends That Go Boink: Three Erotic Visitations

Otherworldly beings put the moves on down-to-earth women in these three stories in the erotica genre. Dreams and fantasies prove to be open doors for a ghost, a demonic familiar and an advertising icon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crowning Glory: a hair fetish

"Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen" is how the title song of the musical Hair describes it. Body fuzz may go in and out of fashion, but the follicles on top - the female ones anyway - never lose their sex appeal. 
For a guy condemned to look, not touch, the attraction can get pretty hard to contain sometimes, and that's the case with the protagonist in "Crowning Glory". 
He "longed to touch. No, not touch. Caress. Immerse himself in scent and sensuality. Regress to a state in which he could clutch with a baby's innocence."
Marabelle Blue, Editor in Chief of Kink~E Magazine, was kind enough to run the story in her magazine, and so the rest of the story can be read at:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Men and a Woman in a Boat

Sometimes what a man has to offer doesn’t seem quite enough but, with a little give and take, there can be ways around it. Three men are the focus of these stories. One wants his wife to have more, another discovers she’s already had more, and the third fears she’s having too much.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Submitting Should Be Open To All

In the current discussion about the pros and cons of sexual submission, it is misleading I think to genderize the issue. It may be true that guilt and repression have affected men and women unequally through the ages, and that women have seen the uglier side of it.
But consider also that sex is, at its best, transcendental. It is about losing oneself, submerging oneself, shedding one’s identity, astro-projecting, merging for a moment or two with the life force beyond our separation into genders and individuals.
Males want that as well as females. Perhaps their urges and anatomy lead them to express and experience it differently. Perhaps, in the case of the male, it is more of an option in an array of approaches to the boudoir. Perhaps not. Female passivity never was an anatomical necessity, and is certainly not mandatory for male satisfaction.
Unless we can get beyond the sexual politics and view sexual submission in a similar light to any other transformative experience, this will remain a needlessly divisive topic. Submission is, in the best circumstances, open to equal opportunity. Human nature isn’t going to change. So let’s let our bruised, or otherwise restrained, egos rest on the subject. Submission is here to stay.