Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Attractions of Unrequited Lust

Erotica can be most compelling when it's about what's out of reach. The urge to acquire what we can’t quite get our hands on is, after all, why billions of dollars are spent on self-improvement products and services by men and women alike.
For instance, a person may see someone attractive and fantasize about making love. The latter’s very inaccessibility may drive that person wild, while the reality may be that a union, were it consummated, might prove to be a bore. Not necessarily, of course. But it’s the old story of achievement not always living up to the anticipation.
The gorgeous couple united in perfect union is all very well, but in this imperfect world the real inspiration is a reject who can't get what he or she wants, or at least not without much mental anguish and then perhaps not without compromise. Such is life …  

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